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Filipino woman gives birth on plane

29 September 2011 09:23

A Filipino woman gave birth to a baby boy while on a flight to San Francisco

A Filipino woman gave birth to a baby boy while on a flight to San Francisco

US officials are trying to assess the nationality of a baby boy who was born to a Filipino woman while on a flight from her home country to San Francisco.

Aida Alamillo gave birth to baby Kevin Raymar Francisco Domingo eight days before her due date while on a plane from Manila.

Although her doctor gave her the go-ahead to travel, Ms Alamillo went into labour after she boarded the aircraft, and three nurses and flight crews helped deliver the baby.

A medical travel insurance policy would have served the new mother well in an emergency situation such as this.

Ms Alamillo's family had secured visas for their move to America and she was planning to give birth there so the baby could have a US citizenship.

But little Kevin's nationality is as yet unconfirmed because it is suspected the plane may have been over international waters when he was born.

"If a child is born over open ocean, it is generally considered a citizen of the country the parent has legal citizenship in," a spokesperson for the Centre for Immigration Studies told the Fox network.