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Flights grounded by Beijing smog

04 February 2013 10:34

Dense smog has covered Beijing for the past three days

Dense smog has covered Beijing for the past three days

Dozens of flights out of Beijing's Capital International Airport were cancelled on Wednesday after dense smog engulfed the city. Around 15 international flights and a dozen internal flights were grounded as thick noxious clouds covered the Chinese capital and other areas of the country.

Beijing's municipal government urged children, the elderly and those sensitive to poor air quality to remain indoors as thick clouds of pollution covered the city for a third day. Locals who have ventured outside have taken to wearing face masks to protect against inhaling toxic fumes.

People planning to travel to China in the next couple of days are advised to ensure they have adequate travel insurance to cover against flight cancellations and delays. Asthma sufferers should consider specialist asthma travel insurance to guard against attacks exacerbated by the thick smog.