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Genome breakthrough for cancer

05 July 2017 09:31

There has been a major genome breakthrough

There has been a major genome breakthrough

Scientists have made a major breakthrough in cancer treatment.

Genome-based personalised medicine could be made available to cancer patients by 2022 according to the plans.

The news was announced by the Government's chief medical adviser, Professor Dame Sally Davies.

DNA testing for millions

Under the plans, millions of patients would have all their DNA tested, as genome sequencing becomes as routine as MRI or CT scans.

People who have had cancer can arrange specialist medical travel insurance when travelling abroad.

The long-term aim is to introduce whole genome sequencing for every cancer patient, making the procedure as standard as blood tests and biopsies.

People with rare diseases are also expected to benefit from having greater access to the technology, ending the years long "diagnostic odyssey" of multiple tests and visits to different specialists.

What the experts say

Dame Sally said: "The age of precision medicine is now and the NHS must act fast to keep its place at the forefront of global science .

"This technology has the potential to change medicine forever - but we need all NHS staff, patients and the public to recognise and embrace its huge potential.

"Genomic medicine has huge implications for the understanding and treatment of rare diseases, cancer and infections."