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Girl finds scorpion in holiday case

14 August 2012 11:05

A holidaymaker returned home with a scorpion in her case

A holidaymaker returned home with a scorpion in her case

A deadly scorpion was found by 18 year-old Hollie Jayes in a suitcase, a month after the family had returned from a Spanish holiday.

The report in the Daily Mail said that Jayes found the Deathstalker, which is more commonly found in Egypt, when she borrowed the case from her mum.

Her mother Theresa Jayes had not noticed the four-inch creature when she cleaned it out following the vacation. Medical travel insurance can reduce medical costs abroad by a huge margin.

Hollie, who is a travel agent, found the yellow scorpion after Mrs Jayes had returned from visiting the Andalusian village of Santa Peta.

The scorpion has a sting that is very resistant to medication and can cause a potentially life-threatening anaphylaxis.

Most of the anti-venom is found in Arabic countries, where the scorpion is native to.

Theresa said: "It's quite scary to think back - I put my hand in that case 20 or 30 times while unpacking, I must have been so close to it."