Gay holidaymakers 'avoid pigeonhole' destinations

26 January 2009 11:24

Gay holidaymakers 'avoid pigeonhole' destinations

Gay travellers are more likely to head to a destination which has been billed as "gay-friendly" than simply travel to a stereotypical gay resort, according to one expert.

As well as worrying about concerns such as travel insurance and remembering passports, same-sex couples travelling often find checking in to hotels daunting, causing problems for many holidaymakers, experts claim.

And Rolf Kurth, a travel expert from Aspire+, which specialises in luxury holidays for contemporary travellers, explained that research shows gay travellers want to be able to go anywhere in the world, rather than being pigeonholed into "ghetto destinations" for same-sex couples.

However, most are also looking for a gay-friendly destination where they feel welcome.

Commenting on the definition of a gay-friendly destination, Mr Kurth explained: "I would say that it's somewhere where they feel welcomed and where their business is welcomed and where they are welcomed as a same sex couple. Somewhere that doesn't try to pigeonhole or define them."

He added that the research, which revealed that many gay travellers would rather travel independently or with like-minded groups than travel to stereotypical resort destinations, was "heartening".

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