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Kuoni launches holiday experiment

14 August 2012 11:09

The participants will be sent on holidays to different destinations

The participants will be sent on holidays to different destinations

Six people have been picked by Kuoni to be part of its new experiment to measure how we're affected by being away on holiday.

The Holiday Health Experiment wants to find out if different types of holiday have differing effects on the participants' health and wellbeing.

The experiment has been launched by Nuffield Health and Kuoni and they received 2,845 applications to take part in the scheme.

The participants will undergo medical and psychological examinations before they leave home then again during their holiday. Another round of examinations will be conducted upon their return.

The resulting data will be compared to see if there is any significant change when compared with everyday experiences.

People heading off on holiday to exotic destinations are often preparing for a week or so in a climate much different to their own and with far more exotic foods. To this end, they should always take out medical travel insurance before leaving home.

Head of physiology at Nuffield Health Chris Jones said: "This case study-based experiment will give us an interesting insight into how holidays may impact on a person's wellbeing.

"I am looking forward to analysing the data from this unique experiment which will hopefully focus people's minds on the importance of managing everyday stress and worries - perhaps from work - and ensure time is built into their busy lives to improve their wellbeing."