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Man stung by scorpion on plane

11 July 2011 09:59

Jeff Ellis with the mobile phone image of the scorpion which stung him

Jeff Ellis with the mobile phone image of the scorpion which stung him

A US air passenger has spoken of his shock after being stung by a scorpion while on a domestic flight to Alaska.

Oregon resident Jeff Ellis was taking a nap in his seat on the Alaska Airlines flight from Seattle to Anchorage when he felt something creep up his sleeve.

He said he brushed it off at first but felt the creature crawling back. "I picked my hand up and said, 'Oh, my God. That's a scorpion'," said Mr Ellis.

And before he could get the scorpion off his hand using a napkin, he was stung on the elbow and felt a burning sensation much like a "bee sting".

The incident, which occurred on June 17, may be a rare case, but a medical travel insurance is always handy to have in unexpected emergencies.

Mr Ellis' girlfriend Suzanne Foster said: "At first I didn't believe him. But then I saw it. He held the napkin up for me to see, and I saw the tail wiggling. I pretty much jumped out of my seat."

Flight crews were very attentive and helpful, said Mr Ellis who was checked by two doctors on board.

Medics were called in to give him another check when the plane landed at Anchorage. The airline has now offered him 4,000 frequent-flier miles and two round-trip tickets.