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Men warned over desk job impact

27 June 2017 08:13

Middle-aged men spend more time sat down every day than those in their 70s

Middle-aged men spend more time sat down every day than those in their 70s

Middle-aged men who work in offices have been warned that they spend more time sitting down than their male counterparts in their mid-70s.

Edinburgh University said large parts of the population are "dangerously sedentary".

Men aged from their mid-40s to mid-50s were found to spend 7.8 hours of every weekday sitting. This is compared to 7.4 hours for men aged over 75.

Sit down jobs to blame

Office work where people spend most of their time at a desk is cited as the main reason for this increase in what's known as 'sedentary time'. Experts have long linked excessive amounts of sedentary time to heart problems and diabetes.

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What the experts say

Lead researcher Tessa Strain said: "Large parts of the population are dangerously sedentary, something we have underestimated. We need to tackle high levels of sedentary time in early and middle age, when patterns may develop.

"Our findings suggest that changing habits in the workplace could be an appropriate place to start, given how much time we spend sitting there every day."

The findings from the University of Edinburgh's Physical Activity for Health Research Centre are published in the Journal of Sports Sciences.