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Millennium launches diabetic menu

01 August 2011 14:16

Millennium has introduced diabetic menus at all seven of its hotels in the UAE

Millennium has introduced diabetic menus at all seven of its hotels in the UAE

Finding the right food on restaurant menus will no longer be a problem for diabetes sufferers staying at UAE's Millennium hotels.

The group has introduced a special diabetic menu across all seven of its hotels in the country. While it solves the problem of finding diabetes-friendly gourmet meals, it is always best for people with the condition to arm themselves with good medical travel insurance cover.

The move results from the efforts of Michael Marshall, the vice president for sales and marketing at Millennium and Copthorn Hotels, and head chef Gus Moustakas, who suffers from the condition himself.

Mr Moustakas said he understands the dietary requirements for diabetes patients and has created the menu accordingly.

It diligently avoids "white food" like white rice, white potatoes, white pasta, which the chef says is unhealthy for people with the condition.

Mr Marshall said the idea came to him as he read up on how a large proportion of people in UAE are battling the disease.

"There are so many people who may want to eat out or, due to the nature of their jobs, have to eat out on a regular basis. But with very few restaurants providing diabetes-friendly food, dining out becomes a major problem," he said.