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Over-50s top holiday fling list

02 November 2011 12:49

An elderly couple enjoy the sunshine

An elderly couple enjoy the sunshine

Frisky 50-somethings are leading the way in holiday romances, according to a survey.

As many as 40% of Britons aged over 55 admitted to falling for someone while away, the poll by found.

This was higher than the national average figure of 36% for those enjoying a holiday fling. The findings underline the importance of taking our medical travel insurance before jetting off.

A total of 56% of the over-55s said they felt less inhibited on holiday, with 20% admitting to having more than one romance while on a trip.

Also, 15% of these older travellers said they had lied about their relationship status while abroad and 28% had told untruths about where they were staying to avoid future contact.

Of the 2,000 people polled who had romances abroad, 38% had gone for a non-Briton, while 43% had got involved with someone they would not normally go for.

The poll found that fewer than 6% of holiday romances survived after the trip was over. Residents from Yorkshire and the Humber were most likely to have fallen into the arms of a stranger on holiday, while those in East Anglia were most likely to have had more than one romance on the same holiday.

Kate Hopcraft, from, said: "Our research shows that romance is hot on the agenda for a number of UK holidaymakers, especially those over the age of 55."