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Pollen levels continue to rise

23 April 2012 08:33

Pollen levels continue to rise

Pollen levels continue to rise

There is bad news for hayfever sufferers as pollen levels continue to rise, with allergists warning not to simply ignore symptoms.

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The rise of the pollen levels has caused more and more people to visit the Allergy ARTS centre with symptoms such as watery and itchy eyes, and sniffles, with cases slightly worse for asthma sufferers.

Allan Gwyn, a meteorologist, explained that the rain is the main cause for the increased pollen and it doesn't look like it will get better anytime soon.

Grass and tree pollens are predicted to get worse or stay high however; weed pollens are predicted get better.

Dr Constatine Saadeh, an allergist at the Allergy ARTS centre, said: "Don't take these symptoms lightly because they can make your life more miserable, seek medical attention as much as you need to. It can cause serious infection, it can cause asthma attacks. The morbidity can be high."