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Pregnant women warned of summer sun

29 June 2011 11:56

A health expert has offered tips to pregnant women for the summer holiday period

A health expert has offered tips to pregnant women for the summer holiday period

Pregnant women should not spend too much time in the summer sun, a health expert has advised.

Kim Hoover, an obstetrician from the University of Alabama in Birmingham, US, has offered expectant mothers a range of tips to help stay healthy this holiday season.

She said that women who are pregnant should make sure they have comprehensive medical travel insurance before going on their trips.

Once they are away on a break, she said they should head to the beach when it is not very hot, advising to wait until after 4pm to avoid getting sunburnt.

Keeping the body hydrated is also key during summer, and Dr Hoover said for every hour spent in the sun women should drink half a pint of water.

She also recommended that they use factor 30 sun cream to avoid pregnancy-induced melasma as well as protect against sunburn.

Dr Hoover said: "For clothing, think linen, think cotton, nothing constricting. Little personal fans with misters are great, too. Some of my patients make their own popsicles using fruit or yoghurt. These are nice options to go along with drinking water."

If pregnant women experience nausea, dizziness or fatigue while away they should contact a doctor, she added.