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Pregnancy has little effect on travel insurance

26 January 2009 07:33

Pregnancy has little effect on travel insurance

Many women are worried about the effect that pregnancy can have on their travel insurance policy, it has been revealed.

According to an expert at Essential Travel, pregnancy is one of the most concerning issues for holidaymakers taking out a travel insurance policy.

Stuart Bensusan, sales director of the travel insurance website, explained that many women in their first trimester are worried that they will need special cover for their pregnancy, which they assume counts as a "pre-existing medical condition".

However, he revealed that the vast majority of policies make no special stipulations regarding pregnancy.

"With a few exceptions, 99 per cent of mums-to-be are fine, and covered by standard travel insurance policies," Mr Bensusan added.

According to the International Travel Insurance Journal, most insurers are happy to provide emergency medical expenses for pregnancy-related issues so long as women are not expecting to give birth for at least eight weeks after the end of their trip.

Earlier this month, Friends of the Earth urged travellers to do more in order to lower the level of carbon emissions caused by their annual holidays abroad.