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Smartphone app for asthma sufferers

13 September 2012 09:34

The AsthmaSense app hopes to improve management of the condition

The AsthmaSense app hopes to improve management of the condition

Medical technology firm iSonea Ltd has revealed its asthma management smartphone app, which will be available for free download on Apple and Android devices later this month. The AsthmaSense app will aim to help millions of sufferers around the world manage their daily routine more efficiently when released on 30 September.

Unlike other health apps on the market, AsthmaSense is capable of analysing user symptoms, medication usage and lung function measurements in accordance with the National Institute of Health (NIH) asthma guidelines. More than seven million children suffer with the breathing disorder in the US alone and the new app alerts the user if the condition is not being well managed. The app should also dovetail alongside pre-existing medical travel insurance to guarantee the chronic disorder is managed when overseas.

"Autumn is a tough time for asthmatics, especially children. By offering AsthmaSense for free through September, we are increasing access to the most intelligent, easy-to-use asthma management app on the market during this troublesome season," said Michael Thomas, chief executive of iSonea Ltd. "At iSonea, we are committed to helping asthmatics breathe easier and we are continuing to develop tools to help people control this disease."