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State to pass whooping cough record

04 April 2012 13:49

Some 549 cases of whooping cough have already been recorded in Washington this year

Some 549 cases of whooping cough have already been recorded in Washington this year

Instances of whooping cough in Washington are likely to exceed the number of cases recorded last year, the Washington State Department of Health has revealed.

More than 500 cases have been recorded in the state already in 2012 - compared to last year's total of 950, and the record of 1,020 in 2005 - according to immunisation programme health communication manager Michele Roberts.

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Some 86 new cases of whooping cough were recorded in the latest week of data available, meaning there have been 549 cases recorded as of March 24. During the same period last year only 88 cases had been recorded.

Ms Roberts did speculate as to why there has been such a significant increase in the number of cases this year. For instance, the disease is cyclical and the vaccine administered in childhood can cease to be effective later in life.

Furthermore, raised awareness could lead to more diagnosed cases as people seek medical help for what they believe to simply be a nagging cough, but in actual fact it turns out to be whooping cough.

Martin Rothwell, Senior Partner World First Travel Insurance, says: