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Tourist medical bills 'reach £900'

21 July 2014 09:04

The average holidaymaker medical claim now costs around £900, research shows

The average holidaymaker medical claim now costs around £900, research shows

The average medical claim for a Briton who falls ill abroad is more than £900, figures show.

This figure is almost double of that seen a decade ago, while for a traveller aged 65 or older it is even higher - claiming just under £1,000 to cover medical bills.

The survey shows that heart-related conditions are number five in the top 10 reasons for medical claims - but people travelling with heart conditions and other ongoing medical problems can arrange pre-existing medical travel insurance.

But despite these figures, six million British holidaymakers are still travelling without arranging travel insurance, research shows.

Spain, Egypt and Turkey are the most likely destinations where a claim occurs, while the highest bills for medical treatment come from the US and Canada.

Tourists are being warned that the cost of treating everyday illnesses, such as stomach bugs and trips and falls, are likely to leave them shocked and it's not just serious health problems that need cover.

Gastroenteritis, usually thought to be a 24-hour annoyance, was found to be the most common medical condition that led to a claim, with symptoms including dehydration that can mean a trip to the hospital is in order.

The analysis of claims in the past year by Debenhams travel insurance shows t he average non-medical travel insurance claim is just over £400 - less than half of that seen on medical claims.


1. Gastroenteritis (stomach bugs)

2. Injuries to knee and lower leg

3. Injuries to head

4. Ear infection

5. Heart related conditions

6. Chest infections

7. Skin problems (dermatitis, allergic reaction)

8. Injuries to the wrist and hand

9. Back pain and pelvic injuries

10. Animal or insect bite