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USA summer camp for asthmatics

14 June 2012 08:52

Camp Tyler helps children with asthma lead a more normal life

Camp Tyler helps children with asthma lead a more normal life

A summer camp in the USA is helping children deal with their asthma symptoms, and now holiday makers with pre-existing medical travel insurance can take their children there.

Camp Tyler is situated in East Texas and is similar to any other summer camp except that it specialises in working with kids with asthma.

Various things can affect a child's asthma, such as natural elements and having a normal childhood can cause difficulties sometimes.

Chrislyn Goss, 10, said: "My triggers are grass, trees, horses and leaves. When I get around them, I start itching and my chest gets real tight."

Obviously, children tend to be around grass, trees and leaves but the UT Health Science Centre at Camp Tyler has been helping Chrislyn to handle her asthma symptoms for the past three years.

Dr Jim Stocks, the camp's medical director, said: "What we know is that kids who come to an asthma camp like this, they have fewer days missed from school, they show up to the doctor's office with less asthma attacks, the number of times they have to go to the emergency room or the hospital is less, and their actual medication costs are lowered because they don't get as sick and they stay in better control of their asthma."