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Victoria Derbyshire reveals hair has grown back

04 April 2017 13:01

Victoria Derbyshire was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015

Victoria Derbyshire was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015

BBC broadcaster Victoria Derbyshire has revealed that losing her hair while undergoing chemotherapy was the "worst bit about cancer treatment".

In a video posted to Facebook, the TV presenter reveals her hair is now growing back but also speaks about the effects of losing it during her treatment for breast cancer.

Speaking about the effects of chemotherapy, she said that "maybe three quarters of my hair fell out".

But, showing the hair growth in the 12 months since her chemo ended, she tells the camera: "It's time to stop wearing the wig".

Hair does grow back

She explains how her hair has started to grow back - saying it has returned "thick" and "shiny".

She added however that she was grateful for the wig, saying it had helped her to "get on with things, go to work, live my life normally".

Derbyshire found out she had breast cancer in July 2015 and has spoken of her condition since her diagnosis and throughout her treatment.

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Body renews itself

The TV presenter said: "And this is my new hair, this is about 12 months of growth since chemo finished. And it's come back as thick as it was, if not thicker. As shiny as it was, slightly more ringlety than it was before.

"The point is, this is proof ... that once chemo is complete your hair does grow back and when you're in some of those dark moments during chemo you do doubt that.... but your body does slowly renew itself once chemo is complete and there's something really optimistic about that."