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Vietnam virus outbreak sparks alert

12 September 2011 13:45

A virus outbreak has killed 81 children in Vietnam

A virus outbreak has killed 81 children in Vietnam

An alert has been issued by Vietnamese authorities following a sudden surge in hand, foot and mouth disease across the country.

The deadly intestinal virus has already killed 81 children and left around 32,000 seriously ill.

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung has ordered immediate steps to tackle the spread of the virus which is raging hardest in the country's southern regions.

Backpackers planning to head off to the country are better advised to grab a comprehensive medical travel insurance deal to guard themselves against the contagion.

The World Health Organisation has confirmed the breakout of a severe strain of the disease in the Southeast Asian country.

The symptoms include a rash, mouth sores and blisters covering hands and feet.