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Virus outbreak hits San Francisco

23 May 2012 14:04

A norovirus outbreak has hit San Francisco schools

A norovirus outbreak has hit San Francisco schools

Travellers to the San Francisco Bay Area of the US will want to make sure they have medical travel insurance in place after health authorities confirmed a norovirus outbreak at two schools.

The San Mateo County Health Department said more than a hundred pupils at two Pacifica schools were suffering from the virus outbreak last week.

The majority of ill pupils attend Ocean Shore Elementary, with a small number of reported norovirus cases among those at Ortega Elementary. According to ABC7, pupils of both schools often socialise together.

Friday marked the second school cleaning day since the outbreak reared its head less than two weeks ago, with both parents and teachers helping to clean surfaces and rid the school buildings of the contagious virus.

Health officials are urging parents against sending their children to school if they are displaying symptoms of vomiting, watery diarrhoea, fevers, headaches, cramping or abdominal pain.

Pupils suffering such ailments should stay symptom-free for 48-72 hours before they go back to school, officials said.