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Warning over rise in swine flu

12 April 2012 13:29

A swine flu outbreak is spreading across parts of India

A swine flu outbreak is spreading across parts of India

Anyone heading to India is advised to take extra precautions after several cases of swine flu were reported.

In the past 32 days, 34 cases of swine flu have been detected in Jaipur, according to health officials.

On Sunday three more people were tested positive for the H1N1 influenza in northern India - two from Jaipur and the other from Jodhpur.

Medical experts say that swine flu cases are most prominent in children and pregnant women. The figures offer a timely reminder for people already suffering health problems to arrange travel insurance with medical conditions before heading for India.

The two cases in Jaipur were a young man of 25 and another aged 35. According to a medical health and family welfare official, both men were outdoor patient department cases and had been advised by a doctor to get a test for swine flu.

The third case was a 26-year-old woman who went to Jodhpur for treatment.