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Wiggins inspires asthma sufferers

14 August 2012 11:04

Young asthma sufferers should be inspired by Bradley Wiggins, a charity says

Young asthma sufferers should be inspired by Bradley Wiggins, a charity says

An asthma charity has said youngsters with the condition should take inspiration from the sporting prowess of cyclist Bradley Wiggins.

Asthma sufferer Wiggins has enjoyed a banner year, with his recent Tour De France victory among his achievements and Asthma UK says young people with the exercise-induced asthma should be encouraged by his success.

The charity urged such young people against giving up on sport.

Asthma UK chief executive Neil Churchill said: "We encourage everyone with asthma to exercise as much as they are able to whether that's reaching the top of the stairs, the top of the nearest hill or the top of a podium, as keeping fit is good for your lungs and can help control symptoms."

The charity says three out of four asthma sufferers report their symptoms can be triggered by physical activity. But the experts added that with the proper medication and training most people with exercise-induced asthma can take part in any sport.

A spokesperson said lung function is helped by exercise and can aid the management of the problem. For people with exercise-induced asthma, endurance sports such as cycling and long-distance running are most likely to cause problems.

The call comes at a time of year when many young people with the condition will be taking holidays abroad. Parents will be busy packing and arranging but they're reminded not to forget to sort out some pre-existing medical travel insurance for their young asthma sufferer.