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Gransnet sets up local service

11 April 2013 09:30

The website Gransnet is launching a series of local sites

The website Gransnet is launching a series of local sites

A website providing social networking and information for over-50s is branching out with a local service.

Gransnet is launching a series of local sites and has taken on 20 editors, all of whom are over 50, to provide information about events, classes, volunteering opportunities and other things relevant to specific areas.

Gransnet Local has received funding from technology charity the Nominet Trust. The new service comes after Ofcom figures indicated 7.5 million adults in Britain have never used the internet, with 40% of those over the age of 75.

Martha Lane Fox, the UK's digital champion, said older people who do not use the internet can become isolated and disadvantaged. She wants the local service to encourage more elderly people to venture online.

Gransnet said Blackburn, Edinburgh and Oxfordshire are among the first places to provide the local service.

"Our members have already started meeting up of their own accord and local sites will make that much easier. Occasionally in the past our members have admitted to sometimes feeling lonely. Gransnet Local will extend the support and friendship we offer online into meet-ups and will provide a forum to discuss everything that's going on locally," said Gransnet founder Geraldine Bedell.

Older people travelling overseas to meet new people and visit relatives should ensure they have seniors travel insurance in place.