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Legal move over holiday illness

04 February 2014 09:31

A quartet of holidaymakers are taking legal action after falling ill abroad

A quartet of holidaymakers are taking legal action after falling ill abroad

Taking ill on holiday is a nightmare for anyone, but it can be particularly traumatic for over-60s and 70s.

Two couples who came down with gastric illnesses while on holiday in Portugal are currently speaking to solicitors. Bedminster couple George and Shirley Collins, aged 71 and 69, and Jean and Frank Gilbert, aged 73 and 75, from North Somerset, had spent time at the Auramar Beach Resort in Albufeira between April and June 2013.

They say that all but four tourists became unwell at their hotel, with symptoms including vomiting, diarrhoea, stomach cramps and tiredness which not only spoiled their holiday but left them feeling exhausted once they had returned home.

The couples' claims reinforce the importance of arranging medical travel insurance before jetting off on holiday, or a seniors travel insurance package, tailored to older people.

Speaking to the Bristol Post, retired civil servant Mr Gilbert said that the experience ruined the couple's holiday.

He claimed that he noticed a strong smell of sewage coming from the drains, which had carried all the way through several blocks of rooms. And for added colour, he said: "We also heard the unnerving sound of other people retching throughout the night which led us to think there were probably many others ill."

The four are liaising with travel lawyers Irwin Mitchell over the experience following their holiday with The Global Travel Group Ltd.

Partner and expert travel lawyer with Irwin Mitchell, Suki Chhokar, said the company was concerned to hear such claims coming from people who stayed at the resort, especially in light of their recounting of other guests apparently being unwell.

The travel lawyer added: "Aside from making holidays extremely unpleasant, these types of illness can have a debilitating long-term impact on holidaymakers' health."

The firm is looking to probe the claims, and hopes TUI UK Ltd and The Global Travel Group will help investigate the cause of illness.

Mr Gilbert added: "We did not expect to fall ill on holiday and therefore we have instructed Irwin Mitchell to investigate the cause of our illness for us."