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OAPs tour world's rollercoasters

24 May 2013 09:23

One couple say they have spent around £60,000 riding rollercoasters since 1994

One couple say they have spent around £60,000 riding rollercoasters since 1994

An older couple from Cornwall have revealed that travelling the world to ride rollercoasters helps keep them feeling young.

Sylvia and Dennis Bloor, aged 64 and 74, have tried out around 250 rollercoasters in Europe and the US, according to a report in the Daily Mail.

The couple also revealed they have had around 4,000 shots on the Nemesis ride at Alton Towers on home soil.

With their travels around the world taking them on numerous white-knuckle rides, one would expect them to have seniors travel insurance.

The Bloors testify that their hobby keeps them sprightly and feeling youthful, the paper said. They say they have spent £60,000 on theme park rides and are the oldest members of the Rollercoaster Club of Great Britain, which they joined 20 years ago when they got addicted to the adrenaline-rush attractions.

Mrs Bloor has arthritis and says the rush she gets from riding a rollercoaster is similar to having an injection of cortisone.

"Everybody's always telling us we look so youthful. I tell them it's all the screaming we do. It's all about the adrenaline, the fun and the anticipation. I've got arthritis and it's like having a cortisone injection," the paper quoted her as saying.

She managed to persuade her husband to visit Alton Towers in 1994 and the couple have been to around 40 theme parks since then.