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Well-being improves as you near 70

03 March 2016 08:09

People's wellbeing is improving in later life

People's wellbeing is improving in later life

People's well-being improves as they approach 70, a new survey suggests.

Several of the 1,700 respondents surveyed admit to having one or more normal chronic illness, including hypertension , arthritis or diabetes .

But the Medical Research Council (MRC) poll endorses earlier research that adults aged 60- or 70-something are more satisfied than 50-somethings.

The research institute asked people to rate how relaxed, confident, useful and happy they were both at the start of their seventh decade and when aged between 68 and 69.

What the expert says

The MRC unit for lifelong health and ageing's programme leader, Mai Stafford says it is still to be established what brings increased well-being when people are 60-something.


The University College London-based Dr. Stafford says the study shows around 20% of individuals enjoy a significant hike in well-being during their later years. She says that a smaller sample endured a significant decline.


The research has been able to examine how people change down the years because of the comparisons undertaken.


Dr. Stafford says she hopes this method will enable the researchers to single out just which shared factors could be associated to people's well-being improving in later years.


She believes that part of the answer could lie in an individual's experience.


This is because by the time people are in their 60s or 70s they have made up their minds what makes them happy and what makes them dissatisfied.


This age range puts the health of their mind and social relationships before much else, Dr. Stafford adds. She says it remains a worry that old age is bringing ill health with adults living longer.

Holiday pick-me-up

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Age brings happiness

Earlier research shows that people aged between 65 and 70 are the group most satisfied with their lives.

People aged from 45 and 59 claim they are the least happy.

It does help if people match up well with their region's personality if they want to be happy.