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World First - daring to be different when it comes to travel insurance

17 February 2010 10:43

World First - daring to be different when it comes to travel insurance

If you are a more mature person, you may have reacted with dismay to recent news from the government regarding travel insurance.

At the end of January, the Government Equalities Office announced that it is not unlawful to apply upper age limits to holiday cover, effectively meaning that many would-be travellers could be prevented from jetting off to their dream destination because they are "too old".

Indeed, Age Concern and Help the Aged recently found that as many as one-third of companies are refusing to sell travel insurance cover to senior citizens, even though in some cases they are as young as 65.

Andrew Harrop from the charitable organisation said he is unhappy with the government's decision.

"It defies belief that in 2010 a business is still able to refuse to deal with someone because of the date on their birth certificate," he commented.

And these restrictions could mean that older people are being forced to pay over the odds for holiday cover if their trip is not negotiable, since they do not have the benefit of being able to shop around like younger holidaymakers and may have to settle for the first policy they can find.

However, don't panic, because World First is able to offer you a lifeline, no matter how old you are.

Despite most companies restricting their upper age limits still further, we are doing the exact opposite by increasing ours.

In fact, we can now offer travel cover to anyone up to 100 years old, which could mean opening up the world again for those feeling confined to barracks by the government.

Our travel insurance expert Martin Rothwell said the news could not come at a better time, particularly with holiday season approaching - we're sure those aged 60, 70, 80 and 90 are as eager to jet off into the sunshine as the next person!

"It is no secret that we live in an ageing market and that people are seeking more and more active and new experiences well into their retirement. Our increased age limit simply reflects the reality of the market today," he pointed out.

And what's more, you don't have to worry that it will cost you an arm and a leg, as we remain committed to offering our additional travel insurance benefits without an inflated price tag.

Don't forget to get in touch with us if you're concerned about obtaining travel cover with a pre-existing medical condition either.

If you haven't heard, we announced last month that you can get a quick and reasonably-priced travel insurance quote via our website or on the phone, even if you have an illness that has resulted in you being refused cover before.

This includes everything from heart conditions, HIV and multiple sclerosis to cancer and blood clots, so getting in touch with us could take a huge weight off your mind and allow you to holiday in peace.

However, since our cover for older people with medical conditions and longstanding health problems has long been recognised for its excellence and value for money (it is often hundreds and sometimes thousands of pounds cheaper than the nearest competitive quote), you'll find it is unlikely to take a weight off your wallet!

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