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Fit to travel. Your Sports travel insurance from World First

Whatever sports you do on your holiday, whether it's a round of golf, water sports, bungee jumping or even scuba diving, a World First Sports travel insurance policy will cover you. We offer low cost insurance premiums with a choice of the levels of cover for single and multi trips. All our policies include cover for over 150 sports and activities as standard – including scuba diving, sailing, jet skiing and surfing - with hundreds more covered by our activity packs. You can check if we cover your sport by looking at our list of over 150 insured sporting activities.

What this means is that you can go for it knowing that you've got the very best travel insurance behind you. We might not be able to talk you into taking your first ever bungee jump or scuba diving, but we can cover you for up to £10m in emergency medical expenses, cancellation and curtailment, luggage and money with our Water Sports travel insurance, our Winter Sports travel insurance, our Mountaineering and Trekking insurance and our Adventure travel insurance.

It's easy to get a quote too, even if you have a medical condition. You can do it all online and get covered instantly or, if you prefer, you can talk to our UK based customer service staff. They can take you through everything in a matter of minutes and can even do medical screening right there and then.

Just call us on 0345 90 80 161 for an instant quote and cover in minutes.


"Highly recommended!"

"Having been rejected by Saga, despite being fit enough to be booking walking and cycling holidays, World First asked a totally different set of medical questions to most specialist insurers. This enabled me to explain the precise effects of my conditions and therefore give a more realistic assessment of the risk. The telephone staff were very helpful and friendly. Have never needed to claim on medical insurance yet and hope never to need to!"

Marion Mullen

5 stars

Reviewed by confirmed purchaser

Playing a round? Our golf travel insurance will keep you on the fairway with cover for up to £500 for your clubs as standard – as well as all the usual benefits – and a choice of policies to suit your pocket, including up to £10m emergency medical expenses cover.

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If you've got a heart for adventure then you'll need to make sure you've got the right travel insurance. Taking out a World First Backpacker travel insurance policy will enable you to try all those sports and activities that make a backpacker's world tick. Bungee jumping? Diving? No problem.

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Water sports insurance

Surfing? Kitesurfing? Windsurfing? Our water sports travel insurance covers them all...

Adventure travel insurance

No matter where you adventures take you, our adventure travel insurance goes with you...

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