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A-lister De Niro takes to the waves

23 April 2012 08:33

De Niro, the world's oldest action man

De Niro, the world's oldest action man

It's never too late to take an action-packed holiday, as Robert De Niro has shown, but age probably does bring about the thought of insurance sooner rather than later.

Older people tend to be more sensible and therefore a sporting holiday is likely to be coupled with sports travel insurance, even for a multi-millionaire.

De Niro is flying the flag for the older generation after embarking on an action-packed holiday to the island of Bora Bora in the Pacific Ocean.

The 68-year-old star of Raging Bull took the trip with his wife Grace Hightower and his son Elliot.

He showed his family how to jet ski and looked more like an action man on the waves than an ageing father of six.

However, he did take precautions to keep himself from the blazing temperatures of around 30 degrees by keeping well covered in shorts and a t-shirt!