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Brits need travel insurance for 'dangerous' trips abroad

26 January 2009 12:13

Brits need travel insurance for 'dangerous' trips abroad

Thrill-seeking Britons are heading to more adventurous locations than ever before, according to one expert.

So-called authentic travel to alternative destinations is set to rocket in 2008 as Britons travel to places in Central and South America which have previously been seen as dangerous' – such as Nicaragua, Honduras and Colombia.

Travel provider claimed that it had seen a 259 per cent increase this year in the number of inquiries for holidays in Nicaragua, while Guatemala has increased by 92 per cent.

"We're also predicting an increase in popularity for Colombia in 2008 as more tour operators begin to offer trips there and people become more confident in getting 'off the beaten track' to search for that truly authentic travel experience," he added.

Of course, heading to such risky places requires good planning as well as some quality travel insurance, making sure they have enough security when they head overseas.

Other countries Britons are looking to head to in 2008 include Tanzania, Kenya, Egypt and India.