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Brits opt for active holidays over sunbeds

26 January 2009 08:30

Brits opt for active holidays over sunbeds

Banking firm Carter Allen found that just one in five Brits expressed a desire to "do nothing" on their next trip, with the vast majority preferring to seek out an adventure.

Trekking appeared to the most popular option - with 26 per cent of people opting for that activity - but there was also widespread support for exotic activities such as scuba diving, snowboarding and sandboarding.

As well as foretelling a greater need of travel insurance for sports and activities, Carter Allen spokesman Richard Dunn said the findings indicate a fundamental shift in holidaying patterns.

"This research shows that Britons are moving away from the traditional European family holidays and becoming more adventurous in their holiday choices," he asserted.

One recent study found that nearly two thirds (63 per cent) of Brits want to go on long-haul holidays in the future.