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Anti-injury tips given to skiers

13 March 2012 08:39

Tips are being offered on safe snowboarding

Tips are being offered on safe snowboarding

For those planning on going on skiing or snowboarding holidays this year, a few simple tips may be all you need to prevent getting injured and having to meet expensive medical costs while you are away.

Before going make sure that you, and anyone that you are going with, do some fitness training so you are in condition before you hit the gruelling slopes.

If you start exercising at least two months before you leave and your body will be able to cope with the demands of the slopes.

To help you get you on your way, chiropractor Dr Craig McLean has posted videos of exercises specifically designed for those going skiing or snowboarding.

Before you leave make sure you have sports travel insurance so that you do not have to pay expensive hospital costs should anything go wrong.

There is also a good list of ways to stay safe and healthy while on snow holidays on the ABTA website which covers everything from getting travel insurance to clothing.