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Couple applies to build water park

04 April 2012 13:48

A couple in Florida have applied to build a water sports park in the state

A couple in Florida have applied to build a water sports park in the state

A married couple in America have applied to build a new water sports park on empty land which spans 114 acres.

Marcel and Jennifer Mullet have submitted their application to the Martin County Land Planning Agency to construct a six-tower park for fans of wake boarding and water skiing in Martin County, Florida.

The pair, who previously owned Mullet's Wake and Skate in Lake Park, said they have plans to install a system whereby people will be carried around the water course at around 20 mph by overhead cables attached to the towers. Visitors would be expected to pay 30 dollars for two hours, or 50 dollars for the whole day.

Mr Mullet described water skiing and wake boarding as similar to "dancing on water". He said: "It's a great way for people who can't afford a boat to water ski."

The local land planning authority have advised that an alteration of the land use should be permitted by the the Martin County Commission if plans for the park go ahead. The group will consider the change from agricultural land to Extreme Sports Water Ski Park and Hotel on April 10.

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