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Skier hit by stomach bug on slopes

06 January 2012 12:59

A skier suffered a tummy bug ahead of a competitive race

A skier suffered a tummy bug ahead of a competitive race

News that a professional skier came down with a tummy bug on the slopes in Croatia rally hammers home the importance of taking out medical travel insurance before leaving home for a winter holiday.

Overall World Cup leader Lindsey Vonn finished ninth in a World Cup slalom after complaining of an upset stomach on a social networking site.

She tweeted: "Feeling absolutely terrible today. Didn't get to inspect the course but still going to try and race. Here goes nothing!"

Her condition appeared to blight her during her first run, as she only managed a finish of 24th place.

However, by the second go she had got on top of things, coming second only to Marlies Schild of Austria - who has won all three World Cup slaloms this season.

Her time in the first leg shows how when we're feeling unwell our performance can be affected on the slopes. With that in mind, it's always worth taking out sports travel insurance to protect against any unforeseen accidents if you're skiing when not 100%.