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Skiers urged to check insurance policies

20 January 2017 09:31

France's weather has threatened tens of thousands of winter sports holidays

France's weather has threatened tens of thousands of winter sports holidays

Winter sports enthusiasts are being urged to check they have the right insurance after new research shows only 1 in 6 people are covered under their standard travel insurance policy.

While specialist winter sports travel insurance is available, many holidaymakers are heading to the slopes assuming their annual or single trip travel insurance will provide them with adequate cover if things go wrong.

Just 15% of annual travel insurance policies and 4% of single trip travel insurance policies cover winter sports as standard, according to data from independent researcher of financial products, Defaqto.

Warm weather

In December, "unprecedented" drought in France threatened tens of thousands of winter sports holidays.

The dry weather and warmer climate led to a consequential lack of snow, resulting in many winter sports destinations resorting to snow cannons, or been forced to close the slopes altogether.

Haute-Savoie saw its driest December for 135 years, with just 0.2mm of rain falling in Annecy, The Times reported.

Meanwhile, at the start of this year, many resorts were reporting their 50th day without natural snowfall, resulting in dozens of resorts being forced to fall back on snow machines, the newspaper added.

Those who have failed to take out adequate insurance are being left disappointed and out of pocket, the data suggests.

Brian Brown, head of insight at Defaqto, said: "We advise anyone who is looking to head to the slopes this season to ensure they are fully aware of the cover they need and the products available, in order to make the best informed decision and enjoy their holiday knowing they are covered."

Going off-piste

The study also finds that many policies have restrictions in place when it comes to off-piste skiing.

Some policies will only allow "restricted" off-piste, while 15% of single trip insurance policies do not permit off-piste skiing at all.