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Travel among bucket list desires

31 January 2013 09:28

The Taj Mahal featured on many people's bucket list

The Taj Mahal featured on many people's bucket list

Travel is high on the wishlist of things people want to achieve in their lives, with the Great Wall of China and Taj Mahal among the places they would most like to visit.

In a "bucket list" that was compiled by asking 2,000 adults about their dreams, many were keen to enjoy the adventures travelling around the world can bring, including seeing the Northern Lights in the Arctic Circle. Climbing Mount Everest was also an ambition for some which, if attempted, should be covered by tailored sports travel insurance. The list of 50 things to do before you die also featured some less obvious activities, including riding a Segway, coming up with a life-changing invention and taking an F1 car for a spin.

A spokesperson for Helly Hansen, which compiled the list, said it was fantastic to see so many people still had such a desire to take to the great outdoors to experience new things. "Setting yourself a yearly goal can be a great motivator, whether your goal is to run a marathon, climb a mountain or simply improve your general health and wellbeing," the spokesperson said.