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Water-ski record broken in Tasmania

06 February 2012 09:19

145 water skiers have got together to set a new record

145 water skiers have got together to set a new record

A new world record has been set after 145 water-skiers were pulled along by just one boat.

Although starting out with 154 water-ski enthusiasts, nine did not manage to stay on their skis for the full nautical mile.

The record was set by skiers from around the globe at the Macquarie Harbour, Stahan, Tasmania, with the youngest participant only 12 years old.

The previous record was set two years ago by the same team but consisted of 114 participants. The customised 114ft-long World Heritage Cruises catamaran Eagle was fitted with different propellers and a 308ft-long boom to ensure the skiers' ropes did not tangle.

The record-breakers experienced perfect weather conditions and are now waiting for their attempt be confirmed by Guinness World Record officials over the next few weeks.

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