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Combine rambling with winter sports next year

01 June 2010 09:06

Combine rambling with winter sports next year

If you've previously been one of our sports travel insurance customers but are on the lookout for a new activity to try out, then you may be interested in the latest offering from Ramblers Worldwide Holidays.

The company has just announced a new package tour which combines rambling with winter sports in the form of snowshoeing.

Anyone booking it will be taken to the Beaufortain region of France for seven days in February 2011, during which they can traverse snow-covered landscapes and enjoy the beautiful view of Mont Blanc.

However, if you think that all sounds far too cold, you could always opt for one of the company's Charm of The Azores holidays, which calls for sandals instead of snowshoes.

Of course, if you're sporty, you'll also be aware that this kind of break requires specialist sports travel insurance.

Did you know it can cost upwards of £10,000 to be airlifted off a snowy mountain in Europe? That's why our sports travel cover will provide up to £5 million in medical expenses - to allow you to ramble, dive or golf your way across the world with complete peace of mind.

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