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Your travel insurance questions answered

How do I contact you?

You can reach our UK customer service team by phone, email or online chat. Alternatively you can ask us to call you. Whatever suits you best. All the details you need are on our Contact Us page.

What are your opening hours?

For new quotes and general enquiries, you can contact our UK customer service team Monday to Friday from 9:00am until 5:30pm. Here are our contact details.

Can I get a quote online?

Absolutely, it's easy. The simple step-by-step process takes just a few minutes to complete. Get started here. Alternatively feel free to call us on 0345 90 80 161.

How do I get a copy of my policy documents?

You should receive a copy of your insurance documents by email shortly after purchasing your policy. If that's not the case please visit our Contact Us page and ask us to resend your documents.

What is the maximum sum you will offer for cancellation expenses?

Our Superior policies cover up to £5,000 of cancellation costs with an optional extension for a further £5,000 of cancellation cover.

Does my policy cover sports and activities?

We're big believers in getting active on holiday. Our policies come with complimentary cover for over 150 sports and activities. Find out more here.

Do you cover winter sports?

We sure do! Whether it's skiing or snowboarding, our specialist policies provide cover for your equipment as well as things like piste closure. Just add your optional sports extension when getting your quote. Find our more here.

Am I covered to go on a cruise?

Yes, we can cover cruises. Just add the optional cruise extension to your policy, which will be offered to you during the quote process. You can find out what you get with our cruise cover here. Or if you have already purchased your policy and would like to add the cruise extension, please call our customer service team on 0345 90 80 161.

Does World First cover pre-existing medical conditions?

Yes, we are specialists in medical travel insurance. Our unique medical screening system allows us to find out more about your condition and how it's managed. That enables us to provide cost-effective cover to travellers who may have been charged exorbitant prices or turned away by other insurers. Here's a little more about what makes us different.

What types of medical conditions do you cover?

We can provide cover for thousands of medical conditions – including asthma, high blood pressure, cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Find out more about our cover for pre-existing medical conditions.

Does World First offer all policy types to all destinations?

We have a range of different policies here at World First, to help you find the cover that's right for you and your plans. Our flexible options are available to you no matter where you are going – as long as the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office isn't advising against travelling to your chosen destination.

Is my mobile phone covered?

Not automatically. But we do offer a gadget extension, which is easy to add to your policy and should give you all the cover you need. Please call our customer service team on 0345 90 80 161 to discuss your options.

Are my gadgets covered?

These days it's common to take gadgets such as tablets, mobiles and digital cameras on holiday. Our policies don't automatically cover them. But we do offer a gadget extension that's easy to add to your policy and should give you all the cover you need. Call our customer service team on 0345 90 80 161 to find out more.

Can I make changes to my policy?

Yes, of course. It's easy to make changes to your policy – whether you want to change your dates of travel, your destination details or your cover limits. Just call our customer service team on 0345 90 80 161 or use the link on our Contact Us page to request a call back.

How do I make a claim?

Making a claim with World First is simple – and help is always available when you need it. Everything you need to know about making a successful claim is explained on this page.

What is an excess?

An excess is the amount that you pay in the event of making a claim – and is a normal part of insurance policies. Our excess is among the lowest in the industry: just £50 per person for most types of claim. And for a small extra premium when you purchase your policy, you can remove the excess altogether.

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