Questions about business travel insurance cover

Do World First offer policies for business travellers?

Our range of business travel insurance policies do not necessarily distinguish between business and pleasure. If you buy a cheap annual travel insurance, for example, you will be covered to travel on business, for pleasure, on your own or with the family. You can also extend the policy to include winter sports like snowboarding and skiing.

Our company employs a lot of people. Can we get a discount?

Our affinity travel insurance team are always happy to quote premiums especially for corporate groups. We provide company-wide schemes for a number of organisations where all staff automatically receive travel insurance as an employee benefit. In some companies, employees are offered a discount off their policy if they prefer to buy their travel insurance from us directly.

Our employees normally travel with valuables and need the sum insured to be higher than the standard policy limit. Is that possible?

If you need higher sums insured and are looking for a number of policies, we are happy to quote for the additional cover. Nothing at World First is cast in stone and we always try to be flexible when we need to be. The cover provided by the standard policy can be found on our travel insurance features page.

What about pre-existing medical conditions?

Just like on our standard travel insurance policies, it's necessary for you to declare any pre-existing medical conditions when buying a medical travel insurance policy. That includes anything you have received admissions for, regardless of whether a diagnosis has been made.

What types of medical condition can World First cover?

We cover thousands of different medical conditions including angina, asthma, high blood pressure, diabetes and HIV. We also offer travel insurance for heart conditions.

Can you tell me more about World First?

We were established in 1973 and are part of Rothwell & Towler. We're a family business and specialise in holiday and travel insurance. We provide all types of cover for most types of holiday. You can read more about Rothwell & Towler here.

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