Questions about single-trip travel insurance

What kind of choices do I have when selecting a single trip policy?

We offer 6 types of policy based on your budget and the way you like to travel. The cheapest option is our Economy policy, ranging up to our Exclusive policy which gives the highest level of cover for extra baggage, cancellation and medical cover up to £10 million, as well as lots of other benefits.

Do World First offer annual and backpacker travel insurance too?

Yes. We're travel insurance specialists. We offer backpacker travel insurance, policies for cruise holidays, medical cover for travellers aged up to 100 and cover for skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports. You can choose between cheap annual travel insurance or single-trip travel insurance cover for anything from a day to a year.

Do World First cover pre-existing medical conditions?

We cover a wide range of health problems and offer specialist insurance for pre-existing medical conditions. Our in-house screening team are happy to answer any questions and will undertake a simple process of questions and answers before offering you any available holiday insurance policies. We cover conditions such as angina, asthma, HIV, blood pressure, diabetes and osteoporosis on a daily basis. We also offer cancer travel insurance.

I am 99 years old. Can you still cover me?

Our specialist medical travel insurance enables us to cover anyone aged up to 100 under our single trip policies. You'll still need to declare any medical or health problems and may need to pay an additional premium. See our seniors travel insurance pages.

Can I declare my medical problems online?

Yes. Simply request a quote using our online calculator and once you have selected a policy you will be asked to declare your medical conditions.

I'm pregnant. Can I still get travel insurance?

Yes of course. We do not have any pregnancy related exclusions as long as you have not had any complications in previous pregnancies. Some insurers will say you cannot be insured after a certain stage, but at World First we believe that is discrimination and do not have any such exclusions. Find out more about pregnancy travel insurance.

I am booking my holiday with loyalty points or airmiles. Will I be covered by my insurance?

We cover holidays booked using loyalty points and redeemable vouchers such as clubcard points and airmiles. Please refer to the Policy Wording for the features of our travel insurance and details of the cover provided.

Do you cover Timeshare Holidays?

We offer travel insurance for timeshare management charges up to £400 per week.

What about insurance for sports and hazardous activities?

Our sports travel insurance policies automatically cover over 75 sports and hazardous activities. In fact, with our specialist knowledge of the insurance market we can cover pretty much any sport you can imagine. And if we can't cover your activity then we'll put you in touch with someone who can. See a full list of sports and activities automatically included in your World First travel insurance.

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