Timeshare travel insurance questions

What choices of policies do I have as a timeshare owner?

We have three types of policy to choose from. It all depends on your budget and the way you like to travel. The cheapest option is our Economy policy, which offers £100 per week for timeshare cancellation. Our Standard policy gives extra baggage, cancellation and medical cover as well as £400 timeshare cancellation and our Superior policy offers up to £10m of medical cover as well as gadget cover with £400 of timeshare cover.

We own a timeshare apartment and are looking for travel insurance that includes cover for timeshare management charges. Is that something you offer?

Our World First policies provide travel insurance for timeshare management charges of up to £400 per week.

We belong to a timeshare owners club. Will we get a discount on our travel insurance?

At World First we work with a number of leading timeshare owners clubs. Members should already have a reference to quote, but if not just give us a call on 0345 90 80 161 and we'll make sure you get a great travel insurance quote, regardless of the club you belong to.

We like to take cruise holidays too. Can you insure us for a cruise?

Yes. We can cover cruises and offer a maximum cancellation sum of £10,000.

Do you offer annual travel insurance as well as single-trip policies?

Yes. Any travellers up to the age of 75 can enjoy the benefits of our annual multi-trip travel insurance cover. Our single-trip policies can cover anyone up to the age of 100. We also offer cover for thousands of medical conditions and pre-existing health problems too.

Do you offer medical travel insurance for health problems?

We've got quite a reputation for providing medical travel insurance for pre-existing medical conditions. In fact, we cover over 1,000 different health problems.

The whole family are travelling. Can we get a discount?

Our family travel insurance provides exceptional cover for families travelling together. You can choose between single-trip and family annual travel insurance policies that cover up to either 31 or 62 days in any trip.

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